Jessica S. Y. Wong

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BACKGROUND Ionic liquid (IL) pretreatment is receiving significant attention as a potential process that enables fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass and produces high yields of fermentable sugars suitable for the production of renewable fuels. However, successful optimization and scale up of IL pretreatment involves challenges, such as high solids(More)
BACKGROUND The increasing number of cancer patients and inadequate communication in clinics are posing challenges to cancer patients receiving outpatient-based chemotherapy and healthcare providers. A nurse-led care program was proposed as one way of dealing with at least some of these challenges. OBJECTIVE The objectives of the pilot study were to assess(More)
Nanoparticles find intriguing applications in oral drug delivery since they present a large surface area for interactions with the gastrointestinal tract and can be modified in various ways to address the barriers associated with oral delivery. The size, shape and surface chemistry of nanoparticles can greatly impact cellular uptake and efficacy of the(More)
Lignocellulosic biorefineries have tonnage and throughput requirements that must be met year round, and there is no single feedstock available in any given region that is capable of meeting the price and availability demands of the biorefineries. Ionic liquid (IL) pretreatment with certain ILs is receiving significant attentions as a potential process that(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are important biomarkers for monitoring tumor dynamics and efficacy of cancer therapy. Several technologies have been demonstrated to isolate CTCs with high efficiency but achieve a low purity from a large background of blood cells. We have previously shown the ability to enrich CTCs with high purity from large volumes of(More)
The concept of a morphogen - a molecule that specifies two or more cell fates in a concentration-dependent manner - is paradigmatic in developmental biology. Much remains unknown, however, about the existence of morphogens in the developing vertebrate central nervous system (CNS), including the mouse dorsal telencephalic midline (DTM). Bone morphogenetic(More)
We develop an optical fluorescent mapping system that is able to record the action potential wavefront propagation within cardiac tissue samples with high spatial and temporal resolutions. The system's main component, the fluorescence acquisition device (customized CCD camera), offers a high spatial resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, with 12-bit digitization(More)
The knowledge of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) for a degraded image provides a mean to compensate for the image degradation, which improves the image quality in terms of sharpness. MTF compensating is in the image restoration; hence it is fundamentally an ill-posed problem. This paper proposes a stable and flexible filtering technique that executes an(More)
The OMAHA System was adopted as the documentation system in an interventional study. To systematically record client care and facilitate data analysis, two Office Excel files were developed. The first Excel file (File A) was designed to record problems, care procedure, and outcomes for individual clients according to the OMAHA System. It was used by the(More)
Diabetes mellitus has become a major public health issue that has almost reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Injectable insulin has been typically utilized for the management of this chronic disease. However, lack of patient compliance with injectable formulations has spurred the development of oral insulin formulations, which although appealing, face(More)