Jessica S. Webber

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Nanotechnology has been extensively explored for drug delivery. Here, we introduce the concept of a nanodrug based on synergy of photothermally-activated physical and biological effects in nanoparticle-drug conjugates. To prove this concept, we utilized tumor necrosis factor-alpha coated gold nanospheres (Au-TNF) heated by laser pulses. To enhance(More)
A b s t r a c t. We describe a space VLBI experiment involving an earth-orbiting satellite (SURF-SAT) and simulated satellites, a space VLBI ground tracking station, an array of ground radio telescopes, and a space VLBI correlator. The purpose of this experiment was to provide as complete as possible an end-to-end simulation of space VLBI in preparation for(More)
Recent studies suggest a role for T lymphocytes in hypertension. However, whether T cells contribute to renal sodium retention and salt-sensitive hypertension is unknown. Here we demonstrate that T cells infiltrate into the kidney of salt-sensitive hypertensive animals. In particular, CD8+ T cells directly contact the distal convoluted tubule (DCT) in the(More)
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