Jessica S. Morris

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The autoimmune process that destroys the insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells in type 1 diabetes (T1D) is targeted at insulin and its precursor, proinsulin. T cells that recognize the proximal A-chain of human insulin were identified recently in the pancreatic lymph nodes of subjects who had T1D. To investigate the specificity of proinsulin-specific T(More)
The ability to measure proliferation of rare antigen-specific T cells among many bystanders is critical for the evaluation of cellular immune function in health and disease. T-cell proliferation in response to antigen has been measured almost exclusively by 3H-thymidine incorporation. This method does not directly identify the phenotype of the proliferating(More)
T-cell clones are valuable tools for investigating T-cell specificity in infectious, autoimmune and malignant diseases. T cells specific for clinically-relevant autoantigens are difficult to clone using traditional methods. Here we describe an efficient method for cloning human autoantigen-specific CD4+ T cells pre-labelled with CFSE. Proliferating,(More)
Subcutaneously administered Cd2+ (in vivo) was accumulated in the eyes of rabbits. The concentration was greatest in the iris-ciliary body, followed by the retina, cornea, and lens. It was also present in the vitreous humor, but was not detectable in the aqueous humor. Cd2+ in the bathing medium in vitro was toxic to the lens (tissues gained Na and lost K)(More)
Intraluminal pressure changes were recorded from guinea-pig stomachs in vitro. Bradykinin (Bk) (0.4-9.6 nM) was generally found to produce a biphasic response (relaxation followed by contraction) in bathing solutions containing 1.1 mM calcium chloride. In bathing solutions containing 5.2 mM calcium chloride a relaxation without contraction was the most(More)
Obesity has been consistently associated with a greater colorectal cancer risk, but this relationship is weaker among women. In the UK Biobank, we investigated the associations between body size (body mass index [BMI], height, waist circumference, and waist-to-hip ratio) and body fat composition (total body fat percentage and trunk fat percentage)(More)
The ability to measure proliferation of autoantigen-specific T cells is critical for the evaluation of cellular immune function. Using a novel, sensitive, CFSE-based assay, we were able to directly quantitate autoantigen-specific CD4(+) T cell proliferation. However, peripheral blood cells from healthy, pre-diabetic and diabetic donors exhibited overlap in(More)
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