Jessica Rutledge

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Heavily T2-weighted high-field MR images provide a unique opportunity for the evaluation of the extrapyramidal motor system. The images are affected by the presence of small amounts of naturally occurring paramagnetic substances--principally iron--that delineate the neostriatum (caudate and putamen), globus pallidus, red nucleus, substantia nigra, and(More)
Abnormal levels of brain iron have been reported in parkinsonism, which is characterized principally by degeneration of dopaminergic (DA) nigrostriatal neurons. There are conflicting reports, however, of both increased and decreased iron in parkinsonism. An animal model of parkinsonism was used to clarify the contribution of the loss of nigrostriatal(More)
Patients with facial palsy and middle ear disease, which may be chronic but clinically occult, may have a cholesteatoma with extension medially along the facial canal. In two patients, axial computed tomographic (CT) scans demonstrated involvement of the medial petrous bone. Patients with vertigo and chronic middle ear disease may have a cholesteatoma with(More)
This paper investigates the nature of U.S. business cycle asymmetry using a dynamic factor model of output, investment, and consumption. We identify a common stochastic trend and common transitory component by embedding the permanent income hypothesis within a simple growth model. Markovswitching in each component captures two types of asymmetry: Shifts in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Fewer than 5% of patients with acute ischemic stroke are currently treated, and there is need for additional treatment options. A novel catheter treatment (NeuroFlo) that increases cerebral blood flow was tested to 14 hours. METHODS The Safety and Efficacy of NeuroFlo in Acute Ischemic Stroke trial is a randomized trial of the(More)
Gastric emphysema is a rare condition in which gas from a nonbacterial source accumulates within the wall of the stomach. Gastric distension and vomiting frequently precede the formation of the intramural air. Pulmonary disease, instrumentation of the stomach, and obstructing lesions of the antrum and pylorus are also common contributing factors. A case(More)
BACKGROUND The magnitude of treatment effect in acute stroke depends on several factors, including time from symptom onset (TFSO) to treatment and severity of the initial insult. OBJECTIVE To report further evaluation of NeuroFlo therapy, focusing on the effect of time and stroke severity. METHODS SENTIS was a prospective randomized trial (N=515)(More)
Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of vertebral body metastases (VBM) has been reported as safe and effective in retrospective studies. This single-arm prospective multicenter clinical study evaluates RFA in the treatment of painful VBM. Fifty patients with VBM were prospectively enrolled during a 13-month period at eight US centers under an IRB-approved study.(More)