Jessica R Turnbull

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From 1986-1996, 33 children with 49 pulmonary hydatid cysts underwent surgical treatment in Vienna and Istanbul. Cysts were unilateral in 28 and bilateral in 5 cases; unruptured cysts (URC) were diagnosed in 19 patients, and 14 children presented with ruptured cysts (RC). Ten patients had cysts in other organs (liver, spleen, central nervous system) in(More)
AIM Central and extrapontine myelinolysis are collectively known as osmotic demyelination syndrome. This encephalopathic illness has been well documented in the adult literature, occurring most commonly in the context of chronic alcoholism, correction of hyponatraemia and liver transplantation. Aetiology and outcome in the paediatric population are less(More)
BACKGROUND Extracorporeal life support (ECLS) is an advanced form of life-sustaining therapy that creates stressful dilemmas for families. In May 2009, Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH) implemented a policy to involve the Pediatric Advanced Care Team (PACT) in all ECLS cases through automatic referral. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to describe PACT involvement in(More)
Sir, Olbas oil is a popular product used to relieve nasal congestion. The manufacturers describe it as a ‘mixture of pure plant oils, with ingredients including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput’. It is recommended that a few drops are used on a handkerchief or in a bowl of hot water and inhaled.1 A 63-year-old female attended a general(More)
Sleep-related issues are common reasons children present to health professionals. Many factors can adversely affect sleep quality, and there are many associations of inadequate sleep, including behavioural problems, obesity and accidental injury. We review the current evidence, and suggest practical management strategies to promote better sleep, and(More)
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