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Nrf2 regulates the transcriptional response to oxidative stress. These studies tested the role of Nrf2 during Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumonia and identified Nrf2-dependent genes and pathways in lung tissue and in recruited neutrophils. Nrf2 null and wild type (WT) mice were studied at 6 and 24 h after instillation of S. pneumoniae or PBS. At 6 h, fewer(More)
Bacterial pneumonia is a common public health problem associated with significant mortality, morbidity, and cost. Neutrophils are usually the earliest leukocytes to respond to bacteria in the lungs. Neutrophils rapidly sequester in the pulmonary microvasculature and migrate into the lung parenchyma and alveolar spaces, where they perform numerous effector(More)
BOVINE HERPETIC MAMMILLITIS IN QUEBEC: Bovine herpetic mammillitis is reported for the first time in Canada. It is a vesicular and ulcerative skin disease affecting the udder and teats of cows. It is caused by the bovine herpesvirus 2. The principal lesions consist of crusts that are found on the teats and may become complicated by secundary bacterial(More)
Accurate and reliable measurements of exposure to tobacco products are essential for identifying and confirming patterns of tobacco product use and for assessing their potential biological effects in both human populations and experimental systems. Due to the introduction of new tobacco-derived products and the development of novel ways to modify and use(More)
Interstitial lung diseases (ILDs) are characterized by injury, inflammation, and scarring of alveoli, leading to impaired function. The etiology of idiopathic forms of ILD is not understood, making them particularly difficult to study due to the lack of appropriate animal models. Consequently, few effective therapies have emerged. We developed an inbred(More)
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