Jessica R Crampton

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Prolactin (PRL) is known to suppress LH secretion. Kisspeptin neurons regulate LH secretion and express PRL receptors. We investigated whether PRL acts on kisspeptin neurons to suppress LH secretion in lactating (Lac) and virgin rats. Lac rats displayed high PRL secretion and reduced plasma LH and kisspeptin immunoreactivity in the arcuate nucleus (ARC).(More)
The surface mucosa of the stomach and duodenum is frequently exposed to a potentially corrosive mixture of hydrochloric acid and pepsin and intraluminal pH is often between 1 and 2. Such acidity would be injurious to ordinary epithelia so that it is clear that mechanisms exist to protect the stomach and duodenum under normal circumstances. The notion that(More)
The ulcer healing and cytoprotective properties of colloidal bismuth (De-Nol) are well established although its mode of action is unclear. We have examined the action of bismuth subcitrate, the active ingredient of De-Nol, on gastroduodenal bicarbonate secretion by isolated amphibian mucosa. Addition of bismuth subcitrate (10(-6) to 10(-4) M) to the luminal(More)
The gastric output of bicarbonate and prostaglandin E2 has been calculated using a perfusion technique before and after instillation of 100 mM hydrochloric acid into the stomach of seven healthy volunteers. A significant increase in bicarbonate output occurred from 258 +/- 38 mumol/30 min during the basal period to 531 +/- 86 mumol/30 min after return of(More)
Acid and alkali secretion have been examined together with prostaglandin E2 production in response to two mucosal protective drugs, colloidal bismuth subcitrate and sucralfate. Doses of colloidal bismuth subcitrate in the therapeutic range (120 and 1200 mg) had no effect on alkali secretion or luminal PGE2 output when perfused into the stomach of human(More)
The present studies were designed to explore the possible mode of protective and ulcer healing actions of sucralfate by examining its effect on gastroduodenal bicarbonate secretion by isolated amphibian mucosa. Luminal sucralfate (0.5 g/l) significantly increased bicarbonate secretion by fundic and antral mucosa without influencing transmucosal potential(More)
Hereditary haemochromatosis is a very common genetic defect in the Caucasian population, with an autosomal recessive inheritance. It is characterized by inappropriately increased iron absorption from the duodenum and upper intestine, with consequent deposition in various parenchymal organs, notably the liver, pancreas, joints, heart, pituitary gland and(More)