Jessica Quan

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The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is a forebrain structure known for its roles in learning and memory. Recent studies show that painful stimuli activate the prefrontal cortex and that brain chemistry is altered in this area in patients with chronic pain. Components of the CNS that are involved in pain transmission and modulation, from the spinal cord to(More)
Noise is usually detrimental to auditory perception. However, recent psychophysical studies have shown that low levels of broadband noise may improve signal detection. Here, we measured auditory evoked fields (AEFs) while participants listened passively to low-pitched and high-pitched tones (Experiment 1) or complex sounds that included a tuned or a(More)
BACKGROUND Preservation of cranial nerves (CNs) is of paramount concern in the treatment of vestibular schwannomas, particularly in large tumors with thinned and distorted CN fibers. However, imaging of the CN fibers surrounding vestibular schwannomas has been limited with 2-dimensional imaging alone. OBJECTIVE To assess whether tractography of the CN(More)
GABAergic transmission in the amygdala modulates the expression of anxiety. Understanding the interplay between GABAergic transmission and excitatory circuits in the amygdala is, therefore, critical for understanding the neurobiological basis of anxiety. Here, we used a multi-disciplinary approach to demonstrate that GluR5-containing kainate receptors(More)
PURPOSE Focal radiosurgery is a common treatment modality for trigeminal neuralgia (TN), a neuropathic facial pain condition. Assessment of treatment effectiveness is primarily clinical, given the paucity of investigational tools to assess trigeminal nerve changes. Since diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) provides information on white matter microstructure, we(More)
Morphine is widely used to treat chronic pain, however its utility is hindered by the development of tolerance to its analgesic effects. While N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors are known to play roles in morphine tolerance and dependence, less is known about the roles of individual NMDA receptor subtypes. In this study, Ro 256981, an antagonist of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Diffusion-based tractography has emerged as a powerful technique for 3-dimensional tract reconstruction and imaging of white matter fibers; however, tractography of the cranial nerves has not been well studied. In particular, the feasibility of tractography of the individual cranial nerves has not been previously assessed. METHODS 3-Tesla(More)
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