Jessica Oder

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PROBLEM Stress is known to induce abortions in mice and humans. Increased levels of abortogenic type 1 helper T-cell cytokines and decreased levels of pregnancy protective cytokines could be linked to stress-triggered embryonic loss. Stress promotes neurotransmitter substance P (SP) release in tissues. SP increases the production of decidual tumor necrosis(More)
Currently, adult stem cells are attracting significant interest in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. These cells have been isolated from various tissue sources; however, in most cases, adult stem cells useful for tissue engineering and regeneration are present at a low frequency. High numbers of stem cells with an effective and reliable(More)
With the increasing relevance of cell-based therapies, there is a demand for cell-labeling techniques for in vitro and in vivo studies. For the reasonable tracking of transplanted stem cells in animal models, the usage of quantum dots (QDs) for sensitive cellular imaging has major advances. QDs could be delivered to the cytoplasm of the cells providing(More)
Xerostomia as a side effect of radiotherapy or due to Sjögren's disease leads to considerable impairment of the quality of life of the affected patients. Preventive treatment approaches such as intensity-modulated radiotherapy, surgical transfer of a submandibular gland to a site outside the radiation field or administration of amifostin during radiation(More)
We present three examples to illustrate the use of backscattering spectrometry to determine film stoichiometry, areal density, and impurity levels in optical coatings. Helium-ion beams with energies in the 1.5-5.0-MeV range were used to analyze (1) a magnesium fluoride coating, (2) a tungsten/silicon multilayer soft x-ray mirror, and (3) a trilayer optical(More)
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