Jessica Nelson Taylor

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While there is evidence for an association between the development of reading and arithmetic, the precise locus of this relationship remains to be determined. Findings from cognitive neuroscience research that point to shared neural correlates for phonological processing and arithmetic as well as recent behavioral evidence led to the present hypothesis that(More)
Assessment of reading comprehension can be costly and obtrusive. In this paper, we use inexpensive EEG to detect reading comprehension of readers in a school environment. We use EEG signals to produce above-chance predictors of student performance on end-of-sentence cloze questions. We also attempt (unsuccessfully) to distinguish among student mental states(More)
Magnetic properties and hyperfine interactions of amorphous Fe-Hf alloys " , Hyperfine interactions and magnetic properties of amorphous Fe-Sb alloys ". Phys. Rev. B32, 5582 (1985). 3) Gang Xiao and C.L. Chien, " Mössbauer study of amorphous Fe-Sb alloys with large composition range " , Hyperfine Interactions 27, 377 (1986).
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