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OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of significant health anxiety (hypochondriasis) in patients aged 16-75 in cardiology, respiratory medicine, neurological, endocrine and gastrointestinal clinics in general hospitals in London, Middlesex and North Nottinghamshire. METHOD The Health Anxiety Inventory (HAI) (short form) was administered to patients(More)
BACKGROUND Challenging behaviour, especially in intellectual disability, covers a wide range that is in need of further evaluation. AIMS To develop a short but comprehensive instrument for all aspects of challenging behaviour. METHOD In the first part of a two-stage enquiry, a 28-item scale was constructed to examine the components of challenging(More)
The current research study surveyed student physical and non physical regarding their own perceptions of stress, self concept and social adjustment. Results are likely to have important implications and attempting to facilitate personal growth through the participation in sports and other activities. Knowing factors which can help lessen symptoms of(More)
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