Jessica Murray

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To assess the relation between resistance to antiretroviral drugs for treatment of HIV-1 infection and virological response to therapy, results from 12 different studies were re-analysed according to a standard data analysis plan. These studies included nine clinical trials and three observational cohorts. The primary end-point in our analyses was(More)
Morbidity following 104 bone graft harvesting operations (60 iliac, 44 rib) in 72 patients is documented. Early morbidity of iliac donor sites was found, as expected, to be far greater than that of rib donor sites. However, long-term follow-up reveals that while hip symptoms largely resolve, a significant number of chest-wall sites cause persistent,(More)
Demineralised bone implants were used for cranio-maxillofacial reconstruction and construction in 34 patients, 28 with congenital deformities and 6 with acquired defects. The patients' ages ranged from 15 months to 59 years (mean 18 years). In 33 cases, the implants were obtained from cadaver femurs; in 1 case, the implant was prepared from the patient's(More)
BACKGROUND Several reports have suggested an increased risk of coronary disease in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients receiving protease inhibitors (PIs). Impaired endothelium-dependent vasodilation is a putative surrogate marker of coronary atherosclerotic disease. METHODS The present study evaluated the effect of HIV infection and(More)
The world's surgical experience on the division of craniopagi is reviewed, and a new case is reported. The problems, including ethical considerations, that must be addressed in selecting patients for operation and in preparing for the procedure are discussed in detail. Hemodynamic stability and the problem of intraoperative gravitational distortion of the(More)