Jessica McPhaul

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The study of 14 normal young men by glucose titration procedures has defined the magnitude of splay in this population, differing from previously reported data in its unexpected deviation from the line of theoretic unity high on the titration curve. Compared to these normal subjects, a group of glucosuric men could be divided into two subclasses, those with(More)
Prior studies of the effect of hemodialysis on left ventricular function have not distinguished between the removal of uremic toxins and the change in cardiac filling volume. To separate these effects, left ventricular function was examined by serial echocardiography in five stable hemodialysis patients before and after three different dialysis procedures:(More)
Sera were tested for cryoglobulin precipitates from 206 consecutive patients with renal disease, ninety-eight normals and sixteen patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) without evident renal disease. Cryoprecipitates were detected in 17% of test subjects overall and 2% of normals; the incidence was highest in patients with SLE, regardless of(More)
In summary, IgA-associated glomerulonephritis is an interesting clinical problem. The immunohistochemical identification of renal IgA deposits is the sine qua non of its diagnosis, although most of the patients reported have had hematuric syndromes, particularly recurrent gross hematuria. The importance of this immunopathologic entity devolves from the(More)