Jessica M. Lindvall

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BACKGROUND A central question within biology is how intracellular signaling pathways are maintained throughout evolution. Btk29A is considered to be the fly-homolog of the mammalian Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk), which is a non-receptor tyrosine-kinase of the Tec-family. In mammalian cells, there is a single transcript splice-form and the corresponding(More)
Developmental dyslexia is the most common learning disorder in children. Problems in reading and writing are likely due to a complex interaction of genetic and environmental factors, resulting in reduced power of studies of the genetic factors underlying developmental dyslexia. Our approach in the current study was to perform exome sequencing of affected(More)
Signal transduction is a fundamental process that takes place in all living organisms and understanding how this event occurs at the cellular level is of vital importance to virtually all fields of biomedicine. There are several major steps involved in deciphering the signalling pathways: (a) Which molecules are involved in signalling? (b) Who talks to(More)
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