Jessica M. Engel

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Routine pre-operative EEG studies as well as direct brain recording and stimulation carried out during operations were analysed for 59 patients subjected to a standard unilateral anterior temporal lobectomy for the treatment of epilepsy. All patients in the present series were 16 years old or older at the time of operation, which was invariably carried out(More)
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) and cancer are common diseases that are frequently diagnosed in the same individual. An association between the two conditions has long been postulated. Here, we review the epidemiological evidence for increased risk of cancer, decreased cancer survival, and decreased rates of cancer screening in diabetic patients. The risk for(More)
An association between type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) and cancer has long been postulated, but the biological mechanism responsible for this association has not been defined. In part one of this review, we discussed the epidemiological evidence for increased risk of cancer, decreased cancer survival, and decreased rates of cancer screening in diabetic(More)
Over 40% of breast cancer patients are diagnosed above the age of 65. Treatment of these elderly patients will probably vary over countries. The aim of this study was to make an international comparison (several European countries and the US) of surgical and radiation treatment for elderly women with early stage breast cancer. Survival comparisons were also(More)
Common measures of surgical quality are 30-day morbidity and mortality, which poorly describe breast cancer surgical quality with extremely low morbidity and mortality rates. Several national quality programs have collected additional surgical quality measures; however, program participation is voluntary and results may not be generalizable to all surgeons.(More)
BACKGROUND Historically, studies exploring the association between type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) and cancer lack accurate definition of date of DM onset, limiting temporal analyses. We examined the temporal relationship between colon cancer risk and DM using an electronic algorithm and clinical, administrative, and laboratory data to pinpoint date of DM(More)
BACKGROUND We developed an algorithm for the identification of patients with type 2 diabetes and ascertainment of the date of diabetes onset for examination of the temporal relationship between diabetes and cancer using data in the electronic medical record (EMR). METHODS The Marshfield Clinic EMR was searched for patients who developed type 2 diabetes(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) has made it possible for some women to be successfully treated with breast conservation therapy (BCT ) who were initially considered ineligible. Factors related to current practice patterns of NAC use are important to understand particularly as the surgical treatment of invasive breast cancer has(More)
The McGill Brisbane Symptom Score (MBSS) is a clinical score for pancreatic cancer patients upon initial presentation that takes into account four variables (weight loss, abdominal pain, jaundice, and history of smoking) to stratify them into two MBSS intensity categories. Several studies have suggested that these categories are strongly associated with(More)