Jessica M. Bolton

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Four Malaysian racial groups were typed for red cell adenylate kinase: 324 Malays, 300 Chinese, 256 Indians, and 483 West Malaysian Aborigines. The AK2 gene frequencies found were 0.015, 0.0, 0.086, and 0.013, respectively. All 244 Malays, 170 Chinese, 153 Indians, and 132 West Malaysian Aborigines examined had the common cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase(More)
Different folivorous marsupials select their food from different subgenera of Eucalyptus, but the choices cannot be explained by known antifeedants, such as formylated phloroglucinol compounds or tannins, or by nutritional quality. Eucalypts contain a wide variety of plant secondary metabolites so it is difficult to use traditional methods to identify the(More)
BACKGROUND Nearly 100% protection against malaria infection can be achieved in humans by immunization with P. falciparum radiation-attenuated sporozoites (RAS). Although it is thought that protection is mediated by T cell and antibody responses, only a few of the many pre-erythrocytic (sporozoite and liver stage) antigens that are targeted by these(More)