Jessica Lynn Fernandes

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It has been understood since 1897 that accelerating charges must emit electromagnetic radiation. Although first derived in 1904, cyclotron radiation from a single electron orbiting in a magnetic field has never been observed directly. We demonstrate single-electron detection in a novel radio-frequency spectrometer. The relativistic shift in the cyclotron(More)
Parallel fibers can be rapidly created by manually brushing solvated polymer solutions over arrays of microfabricated pillars. Recently, this technique has been utilized to produce suspended arrays of micron and sub-micron scale fibers consisting of a new triblock copolymer composed of a hydrophilic mid-block of polyethylene oxide (PEO) surrounded by two(More)
Near-infrared emission lines of molecular hydrogen (H 2) measured in the K window (2.01 to 2.43 m) and covering energy levels from 6000 K to 24000 K, show indication for diierent excitation conditions in the east and western lobes of shock excited H 2 in the DR21 bipolar outtow. We use H 2 excitation diagrams to demonstrate that neither J-or C-type shocks(More)
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