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In the honey bee (Apis mellifera), a key feature of the queen/worker caste dimorphism is a dramatic difference in ovariole number. However, even within the worker caste, variation in ovariole number is associated with the variance in reproductive potential. Workers of the Cape honey bee, A. m. capensis, are unique in that they are able to produce diploid(More)
Canadian honey bees, like all honey bees in the New World, originated from centuries of importation of predominately European subspecies, but their precise genetic ancestry has not been investigated. We used a citizen science approach that engaged a diverse group of beekeepers to undertake the largest population genetic study of Canadian honey bees. We used(More)
Superhydrophobic surfaces in nature exhibit desirable properties including self-cleaning, bacterial resistance, and flight efficiency. However, creating such intricate multi-scale features with conventional fabrication approaches is difficult, expensive, and not scalable. By patterning photoresist on pre-stressed shrink-wrap film, which contracts by 95% in(More)
  • R D Blomberg, Thomas Iii, Marziani, Richard D Blomberg, F Dennis Thomas, Bruce J Marziani +11 others
  • 2012
Traffic Safety Administration, in the interest of information exchange. The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Department of Transportation or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The United States Government assumes no liability for its contents or use(More)
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