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Carpooling reduces the number of cars on the road, reduces gas consumption, and saves participants money. In order to free carpooling from rigid schedules and preplanning, just-in-time carpooling allows a large member base of passengers and drivers to be matched with each other automatically and instantly, allowing for on-the-spot arrangement of rides. A(More)
Primary T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) cells require stromal-derived signals to survive. Although many studies have identified cell-intrinsic alterations in signaling pathways that promote T-ALL growth, the identity of endogenous stromal cells and their associated signals in the tumor microenvironment that support T-ALL remains unknown. By(More)
Thymocytes migrate through discrete compartments within the thymus, engaging in cellular interactions essential for their differentiation into functional and self-tolerant T cells. Thus, understanding the temporal and spatial behavior of thymocytes within an intact thymic microenvironment is critical for elucidating processes governing T cell development.(More)
As they differentiate, thymocytes encounter spatially restricted cues critical for differentiation and selection of a functional, self-tolerant T cell repertoire. Sequential migration of developing T cells through distinct thymic microenvironments is enforced by the ordered expression of chemokine receptors. Herein, we provide an updated perspective on T(More)
Globalisation in large engineering, procurement and construction companies has lead in many cases to the establishment of a number of global centres for activities such as process design, detail design, procurement and fabrication. A company with a number of such resources then faces the problem of maintaining a high percentage utilisation in each of these(More)
As T cells develop, they migrate throughout the thymus where they undergo essential bi-directional signaling with stromal cells in distinct thymic microenvironments. Immature thymocyte progenitors are located in the thymic cortex. Following T cell receptor expression and positive selection, thymocytes undergo a dramatic transition: they become rapidly(More)
Autoimmunity results from a breakdown in central or peripheral tolerance. To establish central tolerance, developing T cells must enter the thymic medulla, where they scan antigen-presenting cells (APCs) displaying a diverse array of autoantigens. If a thymocyte is activated by a self-antigen, the cell undergoes either deletion or diversion into the(More)
Maturing thymocytes enter the thymic medulla, where they encounter numerous self-antigens presented by antigen presenting cells (APCs). Those thymocytes that are strongly self-reactive undergo either negative selection or diversion into the regulatory T-cell lineage. Although the majority of the proteome is expressed in the medulla, many self-antigens are(More)
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