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Three-input logic gates with potential applications for neuronal imaging.
Convenient methods for the direct visualization of neurotransmitter trafficking would bolster investigations into the development of neurodegenerative diseases. Here, tunable fluorescent molecularExpand
A Novel Theranostic Strategy for MMP-14–Expressing Glioblastomas Impacts Survival
Glioblastoma (GBM) has a dismal prognosis. Evidence from preclinical tumor models and human trials indicates the role of GBM-initiating cells (GIC) in GBM drug resistance. Here, we propose a newExpand
Development of a fluorescent chemosensor for the detection of kynurenine.
Kynurenine, a metabolite of tryptophan, is known to contribute to cancer progression when overproduced. A method for facile fluorescent sensing of kynurenine using sensor 1 has been developed. WhenExpand
ExoSensor 517: a dual-analyte fluorescent chemosensor for visualizing neurotransmitter exocytosis.
A dual-analyte fluorescent chemosensor (ExoSensor 517) for the direct visualization of neurotransmitters released upon exocytosis is presented. The sensor exploits the high concentration ofExpand
Tunable Molecular Logic Gates Designed for Imaging Released Neurotransmitters.
Tunable dual-analyte fluorescent molecular logic gates (ExoSensors) were designed for the purpose of imaging select vesicular primary-amine neurotransmitters that are released from secretory vesiclesExpand
A selective fluorescent chemosensor for phosphoserine.
A fluorescent chemosensor for the detection of phosphoserine is reported. The ditopic sensor features a phosphate-coordinating zinc(II)-dipicolylamine (Zn(2+)-DPA) unit tethered to an amine-bindingExpand
Theranostic nanoparticles enhance the response of glioblastomas to radiation
Despite considerable progress with our understanding of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and the precise delivery of radiotherapy, the prognosis for GBM patients is still unfavorable with tumorExpand
Near-Infrared Fluorescent Rosol Dye Tailored toward Lymphatic Mapping Applications.
An optical molecular imaging contrast agent that is tailored toward lymphatic mapping techniques implementing near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence image-guided navigation in the planning and surgicalExpand
Fluorescent Sensors for Amines
Amines are an important class of molecules that are ubiquitous in biology, pharmaceuticals, and industry. Here, we explore the properties of amines, the reversible binding strategies, and theExpand
An Activatable NIR Fluorescent Rosol for Selectively Imaging Nitroreductase Activity.
Hypoxia (pO2 ≤ ~1.5%) is an important characteristic of tumor microenvironments that directly correlates with resistance against first-line therapies and tumor proliferation/infiltration. The abilityExpand