Jessica L. Kerr

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Biological invasions can cause major ecological and economic impacts. During the early stages of invasions, eradication is desirable but tactics are lacking that are both effective and have minimal non-target effects. Mating disruption, which may meet these criteria, was initially chosen to respond to the incursion of light brown apple moth, Epiphyas(More)
Plant-feeding insects use visual and olfactory cues (shape, color, plant volatiles) for host location, but the relative importance of different cues and interactions with non-host-plant volatiles in ecosystems of varying plant biodiversity is unclear for most species. We studied invasive bark beetles and wood borers associated with pine trees to(More)
Click stimuli were presented during sleep to newborns from a low socioeconomic class urban population in Northeastern United States. Eighty-three black newborns showed less immediate poststimulus deceleration than did 67 white newborns. This difference was independent of heart rate level, and could not be accounted for by any of the perinatal variables(More)
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