Jessica L Haberman

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Adherence to HAART medication regimens is vital to maintaining suppression of HIV, but persons with HIV face many challenges to adhering consistently to HIV medication regimens. This is particularly true for persons who live in geographically-isolated areas or who have significant levels of cognitive compromise. A videophone-based version of Reynolds' HAART(More)
Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) has transformed HIV from a terminal illness to a chronic condition. While disagreement remains regarding the level of medication adherence required to achieve and maintain viral suppression, the highest possible rate is preferable. This article discusses the case study of "Bob," a 54 year-old man living with HIV(More)
Previous research has demonstrated that persons with early to moderate stage dementia are capable of leading small group activities for persons with more advanced dementia. In this study, we built upon this previous work by training residents in long-term care facilities to fill the role of group activity leaders using a Resident-Assisted Programming (RAP)(More)
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