Jessica Kent

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Mutation analyses of patients with campomelic dysplasia, a bone dysmorphology and XY sex reversal syndrome, indicate that the SRY-related gene SOX9 is involved in both skeletal development and sex determination. To clarify the role SOX9 plays in vertebrate sex determination, we have investigated its expression during gonad development in mouse and chicken(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS BRCA mutation carriers have a high lifetime risk of developing breast and ovarian malignancies. As genetic testing becomes widely available, preventative measures are a choice. We evaluated the characteristics of BRCA mutation carriers who chose prophylactic surgery (PS) compared to those who opted for surveillance. METHODS A retrospective(More)
Increases m arterial pressure and paraventricular nucleus vasopressm release m response to mtracerebroventncular mJections of angrotensm peptides are blunted m mRen2(27) remn transgemc [TG( +)] rats. Intraventrtcular mJections of tachykmm peptides mimic several of the actions of angrotensm peptides, and anglotensm pepttdes evoke substance P release from(More)
Nina Accornero Tammy Ader A Agopian Melissa Alderdice Brian Allen Amy Amash Kimberly Amoroso Lucy Andrews Michelle Applegarth Bridgette Aufmuth Lori Bagboudarian Diana Bailey Erin Baldwin Martha Balicki Carolyn Barger Linda Beetlestone Laura Belcastro Marie Belgrave Lacey Benoit Donna Bernstein Kathryn Biro Ryan Bisson Teresa Blake Terri Blase Carrie Blout(More)
Any autopsy has safety and risk management issues, which can arise in the preautopsy, autopsy, and postautopsy phases. The London Health Sciences Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Autopsy Checklist was developed to address these issues. The current study assessed 1 measure of autopsy safety: the effectiveness of the checklist in documenting(More)
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