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Aydin and colleagues reported a reversal of physiological 'right-ear advantage' in a group of right-handed patients with schizophrenia, using an auditory acuity test. In schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations may appear to be spatially located inside or outside the patient's head. Here we show, using virtual acoustic space techniques, that normal(More)
In five experiments, rehearsal and recall phenomena were examined using the free recall and immediate serial recall (ISR) tasks. In Experiment 1, participants were presented with lists of eight words, were precued or postcued to respond using free recall or ISR, and rehearsed out loud during presentation. The patterns of rehearsal were similar in all the(More)
BACKGROUND The throwing motion results in unilateral increases in dominant arm external rotation (ER) range of motion (ROM). Trunk forward tilt at ball release is related to ball velocity. The relationship between lower quarter flexibility and dominant arm ROM is not known. HYPOTHESIS There is a relationship between lower extremity flexibility and(More)
We report on the first observation of dineutron emission in the decay of 16Be. A single-proton knockout reaction from a 53  MeV/u 17B beam was used to populate the ground state of 16Be. 16Be is bound with respect to the emission of one neutron and unbound to two-neutron emission. The dineutron character of the decay is evidenced by a small emission angle(More)
The ground state of (10)He was populated using a 2p2n-removal reaction from a 59 MeV/u (14)Be beam. The decay energy of the three-body system, (8)He+n+n, was measured and a resonance was observed at E=1.60(25) MeV with a 1.8(4) MeV width. This result is in agreement with previous invariant mass spectroscopy measurements, using the (11)Li(-p) reaction, but(More)
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