Jessica K Laursen

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The topical anaesthetic formulation EMLA cream (eutectic mixture of local anaesthetics) is increasingly used prior to minor painful procedures performed on genital mucosa. The aim of the present study was to gain knowledge about the correlation between duration of application of EMLA and duration of analgesia. Three different application times--5, 10 and 20(More)
Lidocaine spray is used as a topical analgesic prior to minor surgical procedures performed on genital mucosa. In this study onset and duration of hypoalgesia on the genital mucosa was investigated by spraying lidocaine solution on the mucous membranes of female genitals with subsequent measurements of pin prick pain thresholds induced by argon laser(More)
Orbital floor fractures and associated injuries can cause strabismus. We present the case of a 34-year-old man with incomitant strabismus after orbital reconstruction following a high-impact baseball injury. Multipositional, high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging revealed extensive longitudinal splitting of the inferior rectus muscle by an orbital floor(More)
PURPOSE To assess the function of muscles retrieved from a retrobulbar location using an anterior orbitotomy approach and to identify the prognostic factors favoring a good outcome. METHODS The records of all patients undergoing anterior orbitotomy for the retrieval of a transected or avulsed muscle in a retrobulbar location were reviewed. Ocular(More)
PURPOSE To define risk factors for postoperative exotropia after vertical rectus transposition (VRT) for Duane syndrome. METHODS The records of patients with Duane syndrome who underwent augmented VRT were retrospectively reviewed; those with postoperative exotropia (study group) were compared with those with postoperative esotropia/orthotropia(More)
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