Jessica Jie Chen

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Microtubule dynamics facilitate neurite growth and establish morphology, but the role of minus-end binding proteins in these processes is largely unexplored. CAMSAP homologs associate with microtubule minus-ends, and are important for the stability of epithelial cell adhesions. In this study, we report morphological defects in neurons and neuromuscular(More)
A series of neuroepithelioma and neuroblastoma cell lines were screened for nerve growth factor (NGF)-induced differentiation. All three neuroepithelioma cell lines and all nine neuroblastoma cell lines with amplified N-myc oncogene did not show any apparent NGF-induced differentiation. However, neurite extension was observed for three of six neuroblastoma(More)
The transcriptional response to growth factors and other mitogenic signals is mediated by the serum response elements (SREs) located in the promoters of many immediate early genes, including the c-fos and beta-actin genes. We investigated SRE-regulated transcription in cell cycle-synchronized nuclei and found that a SRE-regulated reporter gene was(More)
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