Jessica J. Tang

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the face, content and construct validity of the distributed simulation (DS) environment for technical and non-technical skills training in endourology. To evaluate the educational impact of DS for urology training. SUBJECTS AND METHODS DS offers a portable, low-cost simulated operating room environment that can be set up in any open(More)
Background. " Fidelity "-an intrinsic property of simulation is crucial to simulation design and educational effectiveness. Yet the term fidelity is inconsistently used, which makes it difficult to draw inferences from current literature and translate research to practice. Aim. In this article, we attempt to bring some clarity to the term simulation(More)
Recently, the literature has emphasized the aims and logistics of public engagement, rather than its epistemic and cultural processes. In this conceptual article, we use our work on surgical simulation to describe a process that has moved from the classroom and the research laboratory into the public sphere. We propose an innovative shared immersion model(More)
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