Jessica J Griffith

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The prevalence of self-reported depressive symptoms was investigated in a case-control study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) attending an out-patient clinic at the Middlesex Hospital. Patients selected their own controls, matched for age and sex. Previous attempts to measure depressive symptoms in RA have suffered from measurement error due to(More)
OBJECTIVE Obesity is an increasingly common health problem among African Americans, especially women, in the United States. However, limited data are available on the psychological correlates of obesity in this population. This study examined the association between self-esteem and relative body weight (RBW) in four large nationally representative samples(More)
Empirically derived structured violence risk assessment instruments are increasingly used by nurses in forensic mental health settings, typically demonstrating stronger predictive validity than unaided clinical risk assessments, and associated with reduced aggression and reduced restrictive practices including seclusion. However, these instruments are less(More)
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