Jessica J Gierut

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Protein tyrosine kinase 6 (PTK6) is a non-receptor tyrosine kinase expressed in epithelial cancers. Disruption of Ptk6 decreases azoxymethane-induced colon tumorigenesis in mice by preventing signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 activation. Relocalization of PTK6 in prostate cancers contributes to increased growth. Although not expressed in(More)
N-RAS is one member of a family of oncoproteins that are commonly mutated in cancer. Activating mutations in NRAS occur in a subset of colorectal cancers, but little is known about how the mutant protein contributes to the onset and progression of the disease. Using genetically engineered mice, we find that mutant N-RAS strongly promotes tumorigenesis in(More)
Protein tyrosine kinase 6 (PTK6) is an intracellular tyrosine kinase that has distinct functions in normal epithelia and cancer. It is expressed primarily in nondividing epithelial cells in the normal intestine, where it promotes differentiation. However, after DNA damage, PTK6 is induced in proliferating progenitor cells, where it contributes to apoptosis.(More)
The purpose of the present investigation was to train the correct use of three pronouns and the verb from "are" in a language delayed child and to assess the generalization of these trained responses to untrained stimuli. Within a multiple base-line design the four selected behaviors were sequentially trained using the techniques of positive reinforcement,(More)
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