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Low energy plasma treatment of Nafion® membranes for PEM fuel cells Devin Ramdutt a,∗, Christine Charles a, Jessica Hudspeth a, Bradley Ladewig b, Thomas Gengenbach c, Rod Boswell a, Andrew Dicks b, Pascal Brault d a Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion (SP3), Research School of Physical Sciences and Engineering, The Australian National University, Canberra,(More)
The microbiological quality of ova harvested from mature chickens in commercial slaughter plants was studied. Greatest contamination of the product occurred at the location where ova were drawn from the carcasses. Water fluming and chilling procedures caused some reduction in contamination levels. Total aerobic plate counts, coagulase-positive(More)
A series of renin inhibitors with novel modifications at the P2 site has been prepared. Structure-activity relationships reveal that for a particular P2 fragment the in vitro potency is highly dependent on the nature of the P2' portion in addition to the P1-P1' group. The length of the P2 side chain and choice of epsilon-N P2 substitution have been found to(More)
Renin inhibitors having 13 different isosteres connecting the P3 and P2 positions have been prepared. Synthetic routes and in vitro activity exhibited by these compounds are discussed. The two most potent compounds, 47 and 48, contained the hydroxyethylene isostere, psi [CHOHCH2], and had IC50 values of 61 and 22 nM, respectively.
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