Jessica Horton

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Avitene, Collastat, Gelfoam, and Surgicel were evaluated for their effectiveness in the control of hemorrhage from an experimental splenic laceration. Effectiveness was determined by measuring the amount of blood loss per kilogram of body weight until complete hemostasis was achieved and by determining mortality from hemorrhage. The study group in which(More)
Medical personnel working in contact with blood and blood-contaminated body fluids are often considered to be a high-risk group for hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and, as a result, it is recommended that they should be vaccinated against this infection. To find out if this is necessary in a country hyperendemic for HBV infection and to see if parents(More)
Overwhelming infection from encapsulated bacteria occurs after splenectomy. Decreases in IgM, tufsin, and serum opsonin are known to occur in animals and humans after splenectomy. A substantial immunologic advantage exists if some splenic tissue remains, but this may not offer sufficient protection from encapsulated bacteria if splenic arterial blood flow(More)
BACKGROUND While there are compelling observational data confirming that individuals who exercise are healthier, the efficacy of aerobic exercise interventions to reduce metabolic risk and improve insulin sensitivity in older people has not been fully elucidated. Furthermore, while low birth weight has been shown to predict adverse health outcomes later in(More)
The microscopic and ultrastructural characteristics of spontaneous pulmonary neoplasms in strain A (strA) mice are described. Fifty-one spontaneous lung tumors were identified in 34 out of 57, 11-23-month-old male strA/Hen mice. Grossly, all tumors appeared as yellow-white, discrete nodules ranging in size from 1.0-10 mm. Tumor types were randomly(More)
Although the safety of splenic preservation has been demonstrated in a small number of cases, the follow-up in these cases has been too short to determine whether the patients are adequately protected from sepsis. The purpose of this study was to test the ability of the spleen to clear pneumococcal organisms after repairing lacerations with a surface(More)
A prospective investigation was carried out to find out which factors affected the choice of anaesthetic for 444 consecutive patients (153 male, 291 female, age range 15-85) listed for extraction of third molars. Two hundred and seventy-two were listed for treatment under general anaesthesia, 120 (44%) as inpatients and 152 (60%) as day cases. The remaining(More)
A prospective cohort study was undertaken to investigate the influences of anaesthetic modality and surgical difficulty on social reintegration and demands on health services after third molar removal. The study was undertaken at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, Cardiff Dental Hospital. Of 444 patients, 266 (60%) had their third molars(More)
Utilizing the mass spectrometer, tissue oxygen tension (TPO2) in the resting state was measured in the extremities of ten dogs before and after lumbar sympathectomy. Although there was considerable variation between individual dogs, significant changes in tissue oxygenation were not consistently obtained in the group as a whole, althouth femoral arterial(More)
We evaluated under controlled conditions the efficacy of topical and systemic antibiotics, alone and in combination, in the prevention of wound infection and measured serum and tissue antibiotic levels in the wound and distant tissue after administration of antibiotics topically, systemically, and in combination. Adult Sprague-Dawley rats were contaminated(More)