Jessica Holden

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cAMP response element-binding protein (CREB) has been implicated in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of chronic antidepressant (AD) treatment, although its role in the behavioral response is unclear. CREB-deficient (CREB(alpha delta) mutant) mice demonstrate an antidepressant phenotype in the tail suspension test (TST) and forced-swim test. Here, we(More)
Oncogenic osteomalacia is a syndrome characterized by phosphaturia, hypophosphatemia, reduced vitamin D levels, and osteomalacia. The cause is not known, but all patients have had a tumor; usually of mesenchymal origin. Removal of the tumor reverses the metabolic abnormalities. We report a patient with osteomalacia, severe hypophosphatemia, elevated(More)
Injection of kainic acid, a rigid analog of the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamic acid (glu), into the neostriatum of rats produces a condition that mimics Huntington disease (HD) in at least 12 different morphological and biochemical parameters. These results suggested that one of the possible basic mechanisms in HD is a defect in the presynaptic of(More)
Blacks are known to have higher blood pressure levels, a higher prevalence of hypertension, and higher body weights than whites. However, the interrelationships of these and other cardiac risk factors have not been analyzed in an obese population. We compared blood pressure (BP) and lipid levels in 174 obese blacks and 939 obese white patients who were(More)
We examined the effects of treatment with a very-low calorie diet (VLCD) combined with behaviour modification on weight loss and long-term maintenance of weight loss in 118 of 199 patients who completed eight weeks of VLCD. Those who began therapy in 1984 were surveyed by telephone an average of 3.3 years after ending the VLCD. Questionnaire data included(More)
The proliferative response of B cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL) cells to IL-3 is dependent on the expression of functional IL-3 receptors (IL-3R). Here we report that CD40 ligand (CD40L) in the presence of recombinant IL-3 increased proliferation of BCP-ALL cells by upregulating expression of IL-3R. Upregulation of IL-3R in BCP-ALL(More)
The objective of this study was to investigate the changes in plasma post-heparin lipoprotein lipase activity, as it relates to the total amount of weight loss and the changes in plasma lipoproteins, during acute weight reduction and after weight maintenance in type II diabetic patients. Twenty-eight severely obese (mean weight = 106 +/- 21.7 kg, BMI = 36.4(More)
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