Jessica Hodgins

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This document summarizes the technology, procedures, and database organization of the CMU Multi-Modal Activity Database (CMU-MMAC). The CMU-MMAC database contains multimodal measures of the human activity of subjects performing the tasks involved in cooking and food preparation. The CMU-MMAC database was collected in Carnegie Mellon University’s Motion(More)
Computer-animated characters are common in popular culture and have begun to be used as experimental tools in social cognitive neurosciences. Here we investigated how appearance of these characters' influences perception of their actions. Subjects were presented with different characters animated either with motion data captured from human actors or by(More)
In this paper we demonstrate a method for fine-grained modeling of a synthetic agentýs physical capabilities ¿ running, jumping, sneaking, and other modes of movement. Using motion capture data acquired from human subjects, we extract a motion graph and construct a cost map for the space of agent actions. We show how a planner can incorporate this cost(More)
This thesis addresses the application of nonlinear optimization to three different problems in computer graphics: the generation of gait cycles for legged creatures, the generation of models of truss structures, and the generation of models of constant mean curvature structures. We first present work on the automatic motion generation for legged creatures.(More)
Generating behavioral variability is an important prerequisite in the development of synthetic MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) agents for military simulations. Agents that lack variability are predictable and ineffective as opponents and teammates for human trainees. Along with cognitive differences, physical differences contribute towards(More)