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The clinical, radiographic, and pathologic features of 17 patients with documented peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor (PNET) were evaluated in a retrospective study. The age at diagnosis ranged from 9 months to 46 years (median, 15.8 years). Primary sites of involvement were the abdomen (n = 8), extremities (n = 5), chest (n = 1), temporal bone (n =(More)
Fertility and potential fertility were evaluated in 9 young men on cyclosporine A therapy following renal transplantation. Semen analysis was normal in most parameters in 8 patients as was testicular hormonal function. Of 4 men who had attempted to impregnate their wives 3 succeeded. Cyclosporine A does not seem to affect adversely fertility in men.
  • Cameron J. Camp, Kathleen Fox, Michael J. Skrajner, Vincent Antenucci, Jessica Haberman
  • 2015
The primary objective of the study was to determine whether a distanced-based educational intervention would result in positive health outcomes for persons with both DM and cognitive impairment. Older adults with Type 2 diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus—DM) who also have cognitive impairment such as Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or early stage dementia are both(More)
The evaluation of loose bodies in the elbow is usually done by means of clinical examination, radiography, and postarthrographic computed tomography (CT). The authors review their experience with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in place of post-arthrographic CT for the evaluation of loose bodies in the elbow. The prospective interpretation of MR studies of(More)
Despite current practice there is no evidence to demonstrate the efficacy of intraurethral lidocaine gel as an anesthetic for rigid cystoscopy. To evaluate the usefulness of lidocaine in decreasing pain associated with cystoscopy, we performed a prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blind study comparing lidocaine gel with a water based lubricant. The(More)
Central retinal vein occlusion is usually a disease of the elderly and is often associated with systemic vascular disease, e.g., hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arteriosclerotic vascular disease. Younger patients, especially those less than 45 years of age, with retinal vein occlusion should be evaluated carefully for the possibility of an underlying(More)
The authors report a 46-year-old father and 17-year-old son who each presented with unilateral central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO) and bilateral abnormalities of retinal vascular perfusion. The son presented with a nonperfused CRVO in the left eye, developed traction-rhegmatogenous retinal detachment treated with vitreous surgery, and developed prolonged(More)
Full-thickness skin wounds were created on the dorsum of both metacarpi in 8 horses. Three topical treatment regimens were studied. All wounds were bandaged with a nonadherent dressing, which was held in place with a snug elastic wrap. Group-A wounds were treated with a proprietary topical wound medication that consisted of a spray and an ointment. Group-B(More)
Pregnant minors can obtain an abortion without parental consent through a judicial bypass procedure in 38 states. To grant such a petition in Ohio, the Court must determine that the young woman is either "sufficiently mature and well enough informed to intelligently decide whether to have an abortion," or that notification of her parents is "not in her best(More)
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