Jessica Grimes

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Using proxy data on all Fortune-500 firms during 1994–2000, we find that family ownership creates value only when the founder serves as CEO of the family firm or as Chairman with a hired CEO. Dual share classes, pyramids, and voting agreements reduce the founder's premium. When descendants serve as CEOs, firm value is destroyed. Our findings suggest that(More)
In 1970 we carried out the first electrode implantation of the conus medullaris of a 17-year-old male paraplegic to control the emptying of his paralyzed bladder. Our patient has used electromicturition for 6 years to successfully empty his bladder and prevent urinary infection. To date, a total of 11 paraplegic patients have been implanted (6 males, 5(More)
Bipolar electrodes were inserted into the conus medullaris and attached to the proximal urethra of paraplegic dogs. Repeated stimulus trains were delivered to the spinal cord electrodes and the urethral electrodes in an attempt to improve voiding induced by cord stimulation. The results indicate that the increased outflow resistance which often accompanies(More)
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