Jessica Garay Redmond

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OBJECTIVES To document physical activity patterns and perceptions about active transport to school. METHODS Children's activity was measured. Children and parents were surveyed about active transport to school. RESULTS Children were most active after (465 ± 20 cpm) and least active before (379 ± 18 cpm) and during school (351 ± 13 cpm). Weight was not(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine if a small body size at birth is associated with an unfavorable metabolic profile and a reduced response to exercise training in young adults. METHODS Thirty-six college students, all singletons born to term, participated. Subjects were defined as either high ponderal index (HIGHPI) or low ponderal index (LOWPI). LOWPI was defined(More)
Investigate the effects of acute high-intensity exercise on common carotid artery (CCA) dimensions, stiffness, and wave intensity. Fifty-five healthy men and women (22 ± 5 year; 24.5 ± 2.7 kg m−2) underwent 30 s of high-intensity cycling (HIC; Wingate anaerobic test). CCA diameter, stiffness [β-stiffness, Elastic Modulus (E p)], pulsatility index (PI),(More)
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