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Dispersed brain cells from 12-14 day old mouse embryos were loaded with the Ca2+-sensitive fluorescent probe, quin2 and shown to have a resting intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) of 158 nM (SE +/- 5) in the presence of 1 mM [Ca2+]o. When external [Ca2+] was raised from 0 to 1 mM there was an increase of [Ca2+]i of 70 nM; with further additions of Ca(More)
INTRODUCTION Although much is known about the efficacy, toxicity, and direct costs of treatment for follicular lymphoma (FL), there is no data assessing the impact of this diagnosis on the work productivity of affected individuals. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional survey study of consecutive patients attending a malignant haematology clinic at a(More)
Measurements made with two different techniques of intracellular calcium levels from small isolated cells of the mammalian central nervous system are described and compared. Recordings in cultured mouse embryo spinal cord and dorsal root ganglion neurons, made with double-barrelled borosilicate Ca2+-selective microelectrodes yielded a mean Ca2+ level of 2.3(More)
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