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Experimentally restricting dietary calories, while maintaining adequate dietary nutrient content, extends lifespan in phylogenetically diverse species; thus suggesting the existence of conserved pathways which can modify lifespan in response to energy intake. However, in some cases the impact on longevity may depend on the quality of the energy source. In(More)
We developed a rapid, economical method for high-resolution quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping using microarrays for selective genotyping of pooled DNA samples. We generated 21,207 F2 flies from two inbred Drosophila melanogaster strains with known QTLs affecting lifespan, and hybridized DNA pools of young and old flies to microarrays. We used changes(More)
The author presents behavior management as essentially anxiety management, not alone in the child but in ourselves as well. Behaviorist and humanist psychologies are discussed. The author is critical of the teaching that behavior management can be taught as a technique: if a specific management technique is used, the child will behave in a certain way.(More)
The fate of 1688 amalgam restorations and 716 preformed crowns placed in permanent and primary molars in a specialist paediatric dental practice over a 10-year period by one operator is reported. For primary molar amalgams, the replacement rate, true failure rate and 5-year survival estimates were, for Class 1 restorations, 16.1%, 3.9%, 73.3%, respectively,(More)
BACKGROUND Behaviour management is widely agreed to be a key factor in providing dental care for children. Indeed, if a child's behaviour in the dental surgery/office cannot be managed then it is difficult if not impossible to carry out any dental care that is needed. It is imperative that any approach to behavioural management for the dental child patient(More)
AIMS To prospectively report on the survival of resin-modified glass ionomer cement (RMGIC), photac-fil and pre-formed stainless steel crown (SSC) restorations in primary molar teeth placed over a seven-year period in a specialist paediatric dental practice under private contract of remuneration. METHOD All primary molar restorations placed by a(More)
AIM To review the literature concerning the restoration of primary teeth with pre-formed metal crowns (PMC). METHODS A search of the dental literature was made electronically using key words: stainless steel crowns primary molars, nickel-ion crowns primary molars, nickel chrome crowns primary molars, preformed crowns primary molars, esthetic crowns(More)