Jessica Erin Porter

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Neural representations created in the absence of external sensory stimuli are referred to as imagery, and such representations may be augmented by reenactment of sensorimotor processes. We measured nasal airflow in human subjects while they imagined sights, sounds and smells, and only during olfactory imagery did subjects spontaneously enact the motor(More)
The present study examined if nicotine enhances contextual fear conditioning when the training context is either a background stimulus or a foreground stimulus. In the background conditioning experiment, mice were trained using two auditory conditioned stimulus (CS; 30 s, 85 dB white noise)-footshock unconditioned stimulus (US; 2 s, 0.57 mA) pairings and(More)
The molecular motor, Myo1c, a member of the myosin family, is widely expressed in vertebrate tissues. Its presence at strategic places in the stereocilia of the hair cells in the inner ear and studies using transgenic mice expressing a mutant Myo1c that can be selectively inhibited implicate it as the mediator of slow adaptation of mechanoelectrical(More)
Three natural forms of vertebrate gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) provided the structural basis upon which to design new GnRH agonists: [His5,Trp7,Leu8]-GnRH, dogfish (df) GnRH; [His5,Asn8]-GnRH, catfish (cf) GnRH; and [His5,Trp7,Tyr8]-GnRH, chicken (c) GnRH-II. The synthetic peptides incorporated the position 6 dextro (D)-isomers D-arginine (D-Arg)(More)
A 14 month retrospective study was undertaken to determine the cost implications of the opening of a roller skating rink to the local hospital accident and emergency department (A and E). A total of 398 patients attended following injury at the roller skating rink, of whom 384 were included in the study. The estimated cost of their injuries was determined(More)
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