Jessica E. Rajkowski

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Photo-patternable adhesives and silicones are introduced for use in centimeter-scale robotics. Traditional approaches to making robots at this size scale require the use of expensive start-up equipment and/or precise machining, and generally yield fragile and costly robots in small numbers. The multi-material milli-robot prototyping process uses(More)
Title of dissertation: SILICON AND POLYMER COMPONENTS FOR MICROROBOTS Aaron Powers Gerratt Doctor of Philosophy, 2013 Dissertation directed by: Professor Sarah Bergbreiter Department of Mechanical Engineering This dissertation presents the characterization and implementation of the first microfabrication process to incorporate high aspect ratio compliant(More)
Title of Document: THE HYDROLOGIC AND WATER QUALITY PERFORMANCE OF THE SLIGO-DENNIS BIORETENTION CELL. Jennifer M. Olszewski, Master of Science, 2010 Directed By: Professor Allen P. Davis Civil and Environmental Engineering Bioretention cells have been found to improve the hydrologic and water quality performance of impervious areas such as parking lots.(More)
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