Jessica E. Goold

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  • J E Goold
  • British journal of hospital medicine
  • 1985
The technique of intravenous regional anaesthesia (IVRA) has failed to gain general acceptance among anaesthetists, who are divided into those who never use it, preferring more specific local anaesthetic blocks, and those who would recommend it as the technique of choice for some procedures. Numerous large series have been published, attesting to its(More)
Rhythmic neural activities are ubiquitous and play key roles in various cognitive functions. Recent studies, by employing a time-resolved behavioral measurement, have revealed neurophysiologically relevant oscillations directly in visual attentional behavior ('behavioral oscillation'), implicating that multiple locations get sampled alternatively in a(More)
When viewers search for targets in a rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) stream, if two targets are presented within about 500 msec of each other, the first target may be easy to spot but the second is likely to be missed. This phenomenon of attentional blink (AB) has been widely studied to probe the temporal capacity of attention for detecting visual(More)
The brain is organized such that it encodes and maintains category information about thousands of objects. However, how learning shapes these neural representations of object categories is unknown. The present study focuses on faces, examining whether: (1) Enhanced categorical discrimination or (2) Feature analysis enhances face/non-face categorization in(More)
Repeated exposure to same stimuli may lead to on one hand neuronal adaption in brain areas representing the stimuli, on the other hand visual priming effect to facilitate recognition of the stimuli. To investigate dynamic relationships between these neural and behavioral effects, we measured brain activity using fMRI when participants performed a speeded(More)