Jessica E. Campbell

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We have carried out a case-control study to examine the relationship between mammographic signs and breast cancer. The mammographic signs assessed were prominent ducts and dysplasia. The cases were a group of 183 women with histologically verified unilateral breast cancer. The controls were a group of women attending a screening centre. Cases and controls(More)
Disorders of cutaneous repair can cause disability or death given that skin functions as a protective barrier against the external environment. The inflammatory response triggered by tissue damage is thought to play both positive (e.g., pathogen-killing) and negative (e.g., scarring) roles in repair. Inflammatory resolution mediators such as chemerin15(More)
Chlamydial pathogenicity in the upper genital tract relies on chlamydial ascending from the lower genital tract. To monitor chlamydial ascension, we engineered a luciferase-expressing C. muridarum. In cells infected with the luciferase-expressing C. muridarum, luciferase gene expression and enzymatic activity (measured as bioluminescence intensity)(More)
We have carried out a case-control study to evaluate the association between Wolfe's mammographic patterns and the risk of breast cancer, and to examine the influence of control selection and the radiologist who read the films upon the results obtained. Mammograms of the non-cancerous breast of 183 women with unilateral breast cancer were compared with(More)
•STUMPs are rare smooth muscle tumors with an overall favorable prognosis.•Pregnancy is possible after diagnosis of STUMP treated with myomectomy•Management of patients desiring fertility with STUMPs requires a multidisciplinary approach.
This study examined the role of mother-son emotional reciprocity in connections between marital conflict and the quality of boys' peer relationships. Parents from 84 intact families with preadolescent boys reported on the level of conflict in their marital relationship. Observations of mother-son interaction were coded for emotional reciprocity, and(More)
For a skin wound to successfully heal, the cut epidermal-edge cells have to migrate forward at the interface between scab and healthy granulation tissue. Much is known about how lead-edge cells migrate, but very little is known about the mechanisms that enable active participation by cells further back. Here we show that ephrin-B1 and its receptor EphB2 are(More)
BACKGROUND Patients often experience problems using metered dose inhalers (MDIs), particularly poor coordination between inhalation start and dose actuation (TsIn: time difference between the start of an inhalation and the actuation of a dose), and fast peak inspiratory flow (PIF). We investigated if a coordination cap (CAP), with instruction to prolong(More)
BACKGROUND Curbside consultations are commonly requested during the care of hospitalized patients, but physicians perceive that the recommendations provided may be based on inaccurate or incomplete information. OBJECTIVE To compare the accuracy and completeness of the information received from providers requesting a curbside consultation of hospitalists(More)