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Software systems need software architectures to improve their scalability and maintenance. However, many agile practitioners claim that the upfront design of software architectures is an investment that does not pay off, since customers can rarely appreciate the value delivered by architectures. Furthermore, conventional architectural practices may be(More)
Software architecture is a key factor to scale up Agile Software Development (ASD) in large software-intensive systems. Currently, software architectures are more often approached through mechanisms that enable to incrementally design and evolve software architectures (aka. agile architecting). Agile architecting should be a lightweight decision-making(More)
CMMI has been adopted advantageously in large companies for improvements in software quality, budget fulfilling, and customer satisfaction. However SPI strategies based on CMMI-DEV require heavy software development processes and large investments in terms of cost and time that medium/small companies do not deal with. The so-called light software(More)
—The term "Smart Product" has become commonly used in recent years. This is because there has been an increasing interest in these kinds of products as part of the consumer goods industry, impacting everyday life and industry. Nevertheless, the term "Smart Product" is used with different meanings in different contexts and application domains. The use of the(More)
Smart Grids are advanced power networks that introduce intelligent management, control, and operation systems to address the new challenges generated by the growing energy demand and the appearance of renewal energies. In the literature, Smart Grids are presented as an exemplar SoS: systems composed of large heterogeneous and independent systems that(More)