Jessica Corinne Edwards

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Aerotaxis (oxygen-seeking) behaviour in Escherichia coli is a response to changes in the electron transport system and not oxygen per se. Because changes in proton motive force (PMF) are coupled to respiratory electron transport, it is difficult to differentiate between PMF, electron transport or redox, all primary candidates for the signal sensed by the(More)
This research investigated the efficacy of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), ultraviolet (UV) irradiation, UV in combination with chlorine dioxide (UV/ClO2), and UV in combination with hydrogen peroxide (UV/H2O2) for decolorizing three reactive azo dyes (sultan red, indigo blue and cypress green) and treated textile-manufacturing wastewater. The objective was to(More)
: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) implemented a real-time neural network system which can discriminate mine fires from nuisance diesel emissions as part of an atmospheric mine monitoring system in NIOSH’s Safety Research Coal Mine. The real-time response of a neural network to fire sensor outputs was demonstrated for coal(More)
Multiple Type Discriminating Mine Fire Sensors J.C. Edwards, R.A. Franks, G.F. Friel, C.P. Lazzara, and J.J. Opferman NIOSH/Pittsburgh Research Laboratory Pittsburgh, PA 15236-0070 ABSTRACT It was determined that a selection of different types of fire sensors could be used to discriminate mine fires from nuisance emissions produced by diesel equipment. A(More)
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