Jessica Colnago

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New forms of interactions such as the gesture-based control of interfaces could enable interaction in situations where hardware controls are missing and support impaired people where other controls fails. The rich spectrum of combining hand postures with movements offers great interaction possibilities but requires extensive user testing to figure out a(More)
Attackers often target common passwords in guessing attacks. Some website administrators have reacted to this by making these passwords ineligible for use on their site. While past research has shown that adding a blacklist to a password policy generally makes resulting passwords harder to guess, it is important to understand whether users go on to create(More)
Despite their ubiquity, many password meters provide inaccurate strength estimates. Furthermore, they do not explain to users what is wrong with their password or how to improve it. We describe the development and evaluation of a data-driven password meter that provides accurate strength measurement and actionable, detailed feedback to users. This meter(More)
The design and implementation of multimodal interfaces that support a variety of modes to enable natural interaction is still limited. We propose a multimodal interaction web framework that considers on the one hand the current W3C standardization activities, such as Start Chart XML and the Model-Based UI Working Group. But on the other hand it implements(More)
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