Jessica Chevrette

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“Diminished interest or pleasure” in rewarding stimuli is an affective symptom of amphetamine withdrawal and a core symptom of depression. An operational measure of this symptom is elevation of brain stimulation reward thresholds during drug withdrawal. Data indicated that increasing serotonin neurotransmission by co-administration of the selective(More)
Intracranial self-administration of drugs offers the opportunity to localize the neuronal substrates mediating the rewarding effects of drugs. The purpose of the present study was to explore whether the nucleus accumbens shell and the central nucleus of the amygdala, two components of the "extended amygdala," would support self-administration of the(More)
A stepper motor-powered micropump for making intracerebral microinjections in freely moving animals is described. The micropump is capable of delivering fluid volumes of up to 20 microl in steps of 17 nl The system does not require a fluid swivel, delivers injections rapidly, maintains long-term calibration accuracy and is not susceptible to blockage of the(More)
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