Jessica Cherry

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Ischemia-induced cerebral infarction is more severe in older animals as compared to younger animals, and is associated with reduced availability of insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1. This study determined the effect of post-stroke IGF-1 treatment, and used microRNA profiling to identify mechanisms underlying IGF-1's neuroprotective actions. Post-stroke ICV(More)
Children attending ENT and audiology clinics and a further group interviewed in the partially hearing units of their schools have been questioned about tinnitus. A total of 79 children reported tinnitus during the course of the study. A wide variety of descriptions were given. Only 10 of the subjects found the symptom annoying. Only 17 of them could say(More)
It has been proposed in several eukaryotic systems that the regulation of gene transcription involves phosphorylation of specific transcription factors. We report here that the yeast transcriptional activator ADR1 is phosphorylated in vitro by cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase and that mutations which enhance the ability of ADR1 to activate ADH2(More)
A strain of rapidly growing meat-type chickens was fed a diet deficient in riboflavin from 1-40 days of age. Diminished growth rate, progressive gait abnormality and reluctance to move were noted beginning on day 8. Neurologic abnormalities were related to peripheral neuropathy characterized by Schwann cell hypertrophy and degeneration with cytoplasmic(More)
Executive Summary Communities across the United States are at-risk due to environmental change. Decision-makers must determine how best to manage community vulnerability in an environment where future environmental change is uncertain. Models project continued climate change, however, the projections have uncertainty associated with them that must be(More)
The role of melatonin in pubertal development was assessed in male deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii) exposed to photoperiodic and social stimuli. Exogenous melatonin retarded puberty in males reared in a long photoperiod, but was without effect in males reared in short days. Melatonin did not retard pubertal development induced by exposure of(More)
Lymphocyte transformation to vaccinia virus was measured in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and normal controls. There was a significant reduction of lymphocyte transformation to vaccinia virus in multiple sclerosis patients compared with the control group. In addition, a positive correlation existed between the degree of disability of the multiple(More)
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