Jessica C. Kiefte-de Jong

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Coffee consumption has been frequently reported for its protective association with incident dementia. However, this association has mostly been reported in studies with short follow-up periods, and it remains unclear to what extent reverse causality influences this association. Studying the long-term effect of coffee consumption on dementia with stratified(More)
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of disability and mortality worldwide [1–4]. Several risk factors of CVD have been identified previously and multiple efforts have been devoted towards identifying adequate interventions [5–13]. In this regard, the potential beneficial effects of fish intake on cardiovascular health are a longstanding(More)
Studies suggest a potential link between low-grade metabolic acidosis and type 2 diabetes. A western dietary pattern increases daily acid load but the association between diet-dependent acid load and type 2 diabetes is still unclear. This study aimed to assess whether diet-dependent acid load is associated with the risk of type 2 diabetes. We examined the(More)
Healthy longevity is a tangible possibility for many individuals and populations, with nutritional and other lifestyle factors playing a key role in modulating the likelihood of healthy ageing. Nevertheless, studies of effects of nutrients or single foods on ageing often show inconsistent results and ignore the overall framework of dietary habits.(More)
Jennifer A. Nettleton*, Marie-France Hivert, Rozenn N. Lemaitre, Nicola M. McKeown, Dariush Mozaffarian, Toshiko Tanaka, Mary K. Wojczynski, Adela Hruby, Luc Djoussé, Julius S. Ngwa, Jack L. Follis, Maria Dimitriou, Andrea Ganna, Denise K. Houston, Stavroula Kanoni, Vera Mikkilä, Ani Manichaikul, Ioanna Ntalla, Frida Renström, Emily Sonestedt, Frank J. A.(More)
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