Jessica C. Emanu

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BACKGROUND Sexual dysfunction following prostate cancer (PC) treatment often results in sexual avoidance and a loss of sexual intimacy, which can lead to relationship distress. This review aims to evaluate six studies intended to address relational and sexual intimacy following PC treatment and discuss methodological concerns which may help produce more(More)
PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION Oral anticancer medication (OAM) use has been steadily increasing, leading to several patient benefits. A notable challenge for nurses is accurate monitoring of patient OAM regimens because nonadherence is associated with poor health outcomes and decreased survival. Currently, no gold standard measure of OAM adherence exists. The(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW This review will discuss erectile dysfunction in prostate cancer patients following radical prostatectomy . It will focus on the prevalence and current treatments for erectile dysfunction as well as the emotional impact of erectile dysfunction and the current psychosocial interventions designed to help patients cope with this side effect.(More)
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