Jessica Barber

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INTRODUCTION Focal therapy offers the possibility of cancer control, without the side effect profile of radical therapies. Early single centre prospective development studies using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) have demonstrated encouraging genitourinary functional preservation and short-term cancer control. Large multi-centre trials are required(More)
Visual hallucinations have a differential diagnosis, both psychiatric and nonpsychiatric in nature. Described first by Lhermitte, peduncular hallucinosis is an uncommon etiology of visual hallucinations (VH). Typically, the offending lesion is vascular in origin and occurs at the level of the midbrain, thalamus, or rostral brainstem. Interestingly, the(More)
A programme of computer-assisted learning has been introduced for fifth-year medical students at Glasgow University during the teaching course in general practice. The programme allows students to make decisions on all aspects of patient care, and has the potential for combining a learning situation with an objective evaluation of skills and attitudes. The(More)
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